Home Lighting Systems

Balaji Solar Home Lighting System is an environment friendly and cost effective solution for rural home lighting requirements. A typical home lighting system consists of 2 or 4 numbers of 9W energy efficient LED Bulbs or Compact Fluorescent Lights, Solar Photovoltaic module, Battery and a Charge Controller. The Solar module charges the battery during daytime and the energy thus stored in the battery is used for powering the lights when required. The CFL luminary cabinet has a built-in high efficiency electronic inverter to reduce energy losses and provide extended lighting time. The home lighting system has efficient electronics which controls the overcharge and over-discharge of the battery and helps in increasing the life of battery.

  • Safe and easy to install
  • Free from noise, smoke and pollution
  • Possible to expand the system in future
  • Available in different configurations
  • Elegant and efficient luminaries
  • Provisions for operating extra loads
  • Highly advanced charge controller
  • Longer battery life ensured